Sharyl Sandberg é a COO do Facebook e uma das mulheres em TI mais importantes da atualidade.


COO do Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg olha o por quê de uma porcentagem muito menor de mulheres, quando comparadas à homens, atingem o cargo mais alto de suas profissões e oferece 3 conselhos poderosos para mulheres que visam o status C.

Vale do Silício, terra hostil para mulheres

How Many Women Do Boards Need?

“They broaden boards’ discussions to better represent the concerns of a wide set of stakeholders, including employees, customers, and the community at large. They can be more dogged than men in pursuing answers to difficult questions (possibly because, as one male CEO put it, “the men feel a gender obligation to behave as though they understand everything”). And they tend to bring a more collaborative approach to leadership, which improves communication among directors and between the board and management.”

“A clear shift occurs when boards have THREE OR MORE WOMEN. At that critical mass, our research shows, women tend to be regarded by other board members not as “female directors” but simply as directors, and they don’t report being isolated or ignored. Three women or more can also change the dynamic on an average-size board. As one woman director said, “The competition to get your voice heard is over. It’s a supportive dynamic—less combative, more collaborative. You can see the guys decompress from their normal very aggressive style.””

“the goal should be not just to increase the number of boards that include a woman but to increase the number of women on boards.”