Hi, thanks for the call !

Sure I can give Google as many stories as they want. We have many.

But we can’t send any feedback to Google, and to you, while Google keeps thinking that honest feedback means personal attack, or any kind of accusation at all… There is nothing personal on this proccess, and actually that is how a real and good feedback process works, with sincere hearts and open minds. But since I’ am involved with Google, more than a decade, Google has being very bad about processing feedback.

We got to a point that we don’t even care about telling Google anything anymore. I guess the point here is how much Google really wants to listen to us, the people outside of Google. I already made many videos and other works to Google, I really help Google to sell its products since long time ago. And I don’t mind to keep working for free to help Google to sell its products. I do that because I really believe on these products.

So, in a nutshell, I don´t need Google people cooperating with me, listening to me, or helping me with any goals, I got where I am today from myself, Google never helped me before and I don´t expect anything from Google. The point here, let me make it clear to you, is *IF* Google wants any help from me, the answer is yes, I am always here to help.

So instead of you telling my stories to the right people inside Google, how about you telling me who the right people are and I can talk straight with them? or how about they having the interest to contact us straight?? This is a very recurrent problem in Google, we never know who are the “right ” person for anything, because “they”, if they exist, are never available to talk with us straight, the people outside of Google.

About diversity, what I can say is that our diverse communities are doing a really great job on discussing and sharing technology among ourselves, the diverse people. But Google, and many other big tech companies, are not part of these communities at all. We use to say that we live in these PARALLEL tech world of diversity. And this Diverse World of Tech, means much more than just events or meetups, or social communities. It means people and technology in their whole.

And there is no such a thing of a “Manual to be Diverse” or to be inclusive, because there is no such a thing as a Manual on how to be a person, or a Manual on how to respect people. If you need a Manual, or if you have a Manual, that means you are NOT diverse, and you don’t know what diversity really is. Because to be truth, it needs necessarely to live inside your heart and needs to be part of who you are. And Google is not diverse in its core. That is the true problem.

Of course we all want to change that, me, you, and most people inside Google. And I will always be here to help. But I will be always here with all my honesty and sincerity, I don’t work differently than this. So, what I am trying to clarify here is: Yes, we are diverse, we do know how to be diverse, and we know exactly how to help Google to be diverse for real. And the only answer to this is: All Google (or any entity) needs to be diverse is a DEEP AND TRUE INTEREST on it.

I am saying that based on a big experience on this proccess of descontruction. From sexist, or racist, or homophobic, or xenophobic, or exclusive, etc, to a diverse entity (or person). The answer really is about a deep and true interest. And it is hard to get. But when it happens, all the desconstruction starts to happen, easily, organic, naturally and mainly for FREE.

So if Google is having a hard time, or if Google is expending a lot of MONEY, to be and to do diverse events or programs (like WTM, as one example) that means Google is doing it wrongly. Because events and programs might be expensive, but diversity is free and organic.

Diversity definetelly doesn’t change with email treads. It is a continuous integration proccess that needs multiple and diverse interactions. I will be always available to help this process happen inside Google. But I am already telling that it is not like this email tread, or with videos or with story telling. It changes with real diverse experiences. We use to say that diversity is like dancing or playing sports, we only learn when we practice it. So lets practice diversity together. Come to our world. Get outside of Google’s world for a little. Not as a Googler, but as a person in tech.

I lived in US for 10 years, also lived in other many countries, and now I am living back in Brazil, so I totally can make comparisons and I use to say that a lot of things are similar about communities in all these countries. Now that I am in Brazil I’m being part of many diverse communities here and we are doing a lot of great activities all over the country, exactly like I used to do in US and others. Events with HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of  people IN TECH, with different collors, many genders, different abilities, origins, etc. And much more than just events. They are all learning, sharing, networking, having fun, making technology happens.

But unfortunatelly Google are not being part of these activities. Even when it is a successful diverse local just WTM event, it is being organized entirely from the local community without Google’s help. (except the WTM summit, that is not that much diverse).

It is a lot of small details that makes the big picture. The solution is a big chunck of a lot of small actions, words, senses, achievements, dialogs, communications, languages, etc. And it has no specific list for them, no punctual example can represent the whole process. Descontruction is a lot of small lessons.  And diversity is a mindset and not a goal.

Finally, to answer your questions:

1) how hard it was for you – what’s hard for women??
Diversity is natural for me.
Losing opportunities because of granted privilegies is hard for women and any other minority.

2) what did you do to get where you are
Like any other successful minority, I work at least 5 times harder than the privileged majority person.

3) What did you achieved now helping other women (like the incredible event you have today)
Sharing my believes and dreams with other women, we can together achieve the environment we want for ourselves. We make this environment and we live on it. Unfortunatelly it is a parallel environment from the big tech major environment out there where Google lives, for example. But our envirnoment that we are building for the diverse people, is happy, respectful, inclusive, comfortable, safe, multiple, opened for beginners and not.

4) How is your startup making a difference
My startup uses many Google products in production, it is a fintech in Brazil and the idea is to include unbanked people, the majority in Brazil, back in financial products.

So count on me when you or anyone else from Google would like to have an open conversation or a true diverse experience.

Thanks for the email!


Alline, if you will send me a few sentences of your inspiring story today, without accusing anyone, without attacking – just leading by example: write me a few sentences about:
1) how hard it was for you – what’s hard for women??

2) what did you do to get where you are
3) What did you achieved now helping other women (like the incredible event you have today)
4) How is your startup making a difference
I will tell the story to the right person and try to make a video with you about it – that we can show on Next. Please try – this would give you a platform and recognition making more people wanting to cooperate with you, listening to you and helping you with your goals.
When it comes to people not listening.. it’s really difficult to make people listen when they’re being attacked. But if we could build a narrative around your success and incredible story, around doing something good, really changing the status quo – that’s what will make people listening and following you.